Hair care tips and advice

I think people don’t realise how tricky hair care can be for some, we often forget there are people who suffer from conditions or diseases which can awfully impair hair growth and health. I had a friend whose sister had a serious case of alopecia and it was incredibly humiliating for her, I really feel for people who suffer from these things.


The one thing we always forget to do…

For the longest time I’ve battled against my own mind about the way I look, never entirely sure whether I love or hate what I see when my reflection stares back at me in the mirror.

It has always been a struggle and with so many conflicting opinions coming from both family and friends alike about what they think I look like and whether or not I was pretty or not, made it even harder for me to judge exactly where my own thoughts fit in to all of those.

Why I left and why I’m back?

I posted about my battle with depression, self-image, weight, anxiety and all the scary difficult things in life. I had a youtube channel which I did videos on about body confidence but never actually showing my full body. Because I knew deep down I felt like I didn’t have what it takes to be my boisterous fun loving self on camera, with all my insecurities and flaws on show for the world to see…